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Wetlands Restoration

Choosing sustainable seafood isn't an easy task. Every day, the habitats of many of our favorite types of seafood are increasingly threatened. That's why Frontier donates one percent of sales from our Organic Seafood Seasonings line to wetlands restoration in the Gulf Coast.

Why America's Wetlands?

Today, 95 percent of all marine life in the Gulf of Mexico spends at least some part of its life cycle in America's wetlands, and 30 percent of seafood in the contiguous U.S. is caught here (source: America's Wetland Foundation). If we want seafood to continue to be part of our diets (and we do!), then we need to protect the habitat that these species need to thrive. Unfortunately, America's wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate: an area of wetland the size of a football field is lost every hour due to coastal erosion.

Why are wetlands important?

Wetlands help regulate water levels within watersheds, improve water quality, reduce flood and storm damage, provide important fish and wildlife habitats, and support hunting, fishing and other recreational activities (source: United States Environmental Protection Agency). While we often think of tidal wetlands, found along the coasts, non-tidal wetlands are part of ecosystems across the U.S. — along rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and low-lying areas.

What can 1% do?

When you purchase a bottle of Frontier's Organic Seafood Seasoning, we donate 1% of sales to benefit wetland restoration projects. As with other 1% fund projects for our Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands, 1% quickly adds up to thousands of dollars that can help make a real difference.

Check back for updates on specific wetland restoration projects we're supporting through our 1% fund.

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