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Board of Directors

Gene Kahn

Gene has thirty years of experience in farming, food processing, marketing, and managing organic foods companies. He began his business career in 1972 as a founding farmer member of Seattle’s co-operating Community. He founded Cascadian Farm in 1972, Small Planet Foods in 1996, and was an integral part of the development of Muir Glen. In 2000, he became a vice president of General Mills Inc. and division president (and CEO) of Small Planet Foods. He also served as Vice President of Sustainability for General Mills. Gene is currently Head, Global Market Development at HarvestPlus. HarvestPlus is a NGO that is focused on reducing malnutition in some of the poorest countries in the world. Gene works on developing marketing and delivery plans for High Iron Millet in India, High Beta Carotene Maize in Zambia, High Iron Beans in Rwanda and D.R. Congo, Orange Sweet Potato in Uganda and Nigeria. He has served on numerous other boards, including: Washington State Dept of Agriculture Organic Advisory Board, USDA National Organic Standards Board, Washington State Nature Conservancy, Organic Trade Association, and Washington State University College of Agriculture Advisory Board.


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