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You can trust Frontier® products to be the freshest, purest and most sustainably produced. Simply put, quality affects taste and efficacy. We never produce or market products that make empty claims or contain questionable ingredients.

Once herbs and spices arrive at Frontier, every aspect of their handling is done with quality in mind.

  • Climate controlled storage (70 degrees Fahrenheit and 60% relative humidity) to preserve freshness and chemically active plant constituents.
  • Strict sanitation rules enforced through regular inspections by Quality Assurance.
  • Product handling, processing and packaging systems set up to maximize the quality of the final product.
  • Exposure to moisture and heat minimized at all times. Grinding of spices and herbs is done cryogenically at temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • We use a sophisticated computerized inventory system that allows any herb or spice, even a minor ingredient in a blend, to be instantly located or traced back to its origin.
  • Herbs and spices are packaged in materials that ensure the optimum quality of a product -- foil laminate pouches, glass bottles, or plastic bags double-bagged in paper.
  • Each of our items is freshness dated with a use-by date that ensures maximum flavor.

Here are some of the other measures we take to provide you with the best natural products available:

  • HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) Testing
    Measures active constituent levels in herbs.
  • Microanalysis
    Reveals cellular structure of plants to determine identity and adulteration.
  • Microbiological Testing
    Tests levels of yeast, mold and bacterial pathogens.
  • Organoleptic Testing
    Taste, smell and sight tests determine quality and screen out adulterated product.
  • No Irradiation or ETO
    Frontier does not sell any products or use any ingredients that have been sterilized by irradiation or ethylene oxide (ETO). We utilize safe and effectiveSteam sterilization to preserve product quality (see sidebar).
  • Allergen Control
    Processes are in place to prevent allergen contamination and allergens are identified on labels if present. More on allergen control.
  • GC (gas chromatography) and MS (Mass Spectrometry) Testing
    Identifies and quantifies volatile components in essential oils.
  • Aromatherapy Testing
    We perform a variety of tests on our essential oils to ensure purity and quality. In addition to gas chromatography (GC), we utilize tests for specific gravity, optical rotation, refractive index and sensory analysis. Each essential oil has a particular weight, a direction and degree in which light rays bend when passing through the oil, and a speed at which light is refracted. Any deviation from these established standards is addressed. We also have experts with trained noses to determine quality and to detect inconsistencies. All this adds up to the most extensive aromatherapy testing facility in the U.S.
  • Highly Qualified Staff
    Our product quality is assured by a team of highly trained technicians led by Ravin Donald, Ph.D., Vice President of Quality.
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