Vanilla farmers resisting the urban sprawl of India's fastest-growing city, Bangalore, use sustainable practices on two- to five-acre family farms, give women rare opportunities for good paying jobs, and contribute to a non-profit organization that does charitable work with the nation's poor and helps feed 100,000 needy Indian children every day.

We've seen the schools and health care facilities at tea estates in various other regions of India funded by Fair Trade premiums and talked with the workers who have a say in how the money is used in their communities. We've seen windmills and biodynamic agriculture attesting to their commitment to maintain their land for future generations. After meeting the workers and families of these communities, we know that adding new Fair Trade Certified™ teas from these suppliers, like our promotion of organics in the 70s and 80s, is the right thing for Frontier to do.

Our level of involvement ensures that our line reflects the best Fair Trade products available. When you sip a Frontier organic Fair Trade Certified™ tea, it's a triple win -- Fair Trade certification ensures standards are met for wages, living conditions and working conditions, organic certification ensures standards for sustainable and non-harmful farming practices are used, and the Frontier name ensures the unsurpassed quality that we've provided for over three decades.

See what we learned about Fair Trade and the people it helps on our 2006 tea sourcing trip.