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Armchair Quarterback

With Super Bowl Sunday not long after the holidays, this might be just the thing for that hard-to-buy-for brother-in-law on your list. Pull together some delicious Big Game snack ideas, starting with Simply Organic Dip Mixes. Both regular and spicy mixes are available, but be prepared for a difficult decision--there are nine flavors to choose from! Popcorn's another great game-time snack, and Frontier carries four Popcorn Seasonings that turn plain old popcorn into a real taste treat. Pack it all up in a sports-theme wastebasket (good for collecting game-day trash or for can recycling) and toss in a package of fresh batteries for the remote.

pasta dinner basket

Beginning cooks, busy parents and aspiring chefs will all appreciate a selection of Simply Organic Seasoning Mixes for pulling together a quick and delicious pasta meal. Alfredo, Garlic Pasta Sauce, and Sweet Basil Pesto Seasoning mixes are a great start. Include a favorite pasta and Simply Organic Salad Dressing Mixes for the organic mixed green salad that will make the meal complete. Tuck in a new garlic press or stainless steel pasta server, and present the items in an attractive woven basket that can double as a bread basket when these yummy meals are served!

On Your Own Basket

This one's a great idea for newlyweds, college students, or young adults who have recently moved out on their own and are just getting their home set up. Place a selection of basic herbs and spices (Simply Organic Mini Spices would be a good choice because the small size fits baskets nicely and provides an ideal amount of spice) inside a new glass baking dish or covered cooking pot. Add a set of measuring spoons, a lively colored dishtowel and/or recipe cards with several of your own family favorites to help them get started!

mini spices

Barbecue Basket

At one time (not all that long ago!), barbeque grills were put away every winter along with the window screens...but no more! As gas grills have made their way onto our decks and patios, barbeques are now enjoyed year-round. Our Barbeque Basket would help bring absolutely delicious grilled meals to the table throughout the winter and would make an excellent gift for anyone who grills on your list. Simply Organic Grilling Seasonings (Chicken, Steak, and Spicy Steak) and Grilling Marinades (Mesquite BBQ, Steak, and Zesty Herb) are must-have items for the Barbeque Basket. These fresh and full-flavored seasonings complement meats, seafood, and vegetarian fare and will enhance the flavors of whatever your friend or relative puts on the grill. Add a BBQ Skewer Set, a couple of new oven mitts, and for fun, pack it all up inside a chef's hat or an elongated wicker basket that could hold a loaf of garlic bread. And finally, don't forget to include a little note that lets them know what nights you're available for dinner!

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