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Soup's On! Basket

There is just nothing like a hot, hearty bowl of soup on a cold winter day, and nothing like a Soup's On! Basket to warm the hearts of those on your gift list. Frontier offers a wide range of broth powders and soup mixes to get your basket started, including Beef Flavored, Chicken Flavored and Vegetable Broth Powder, as well as Instant Chili, Cream of Chickenless, Cream of Mushroom, Onion, and Tomato. Virtually anything else you'd ever want to put into a soup or stew-- deluxe soup vegetables, mushrooms, wild rice, diced carrots, sweet corn, and more--is available from Frontier in easy-to-store dried form. For utmost simplicity and convenience, your soup mix can be presented in a quart Mason jar with instructions on how to prepare. Or, for more experienced cooks who enjoy dabbling with different flavors and ingredients, bag the soup-makings individually and place inside a covered soup pot, along with a selection of soup herbs, including sweet basil leaf, bay leaf, rosemary leaf, and thyme leaf. When the temperatures drop below freezing, you can bet this will be a highly appreciated gift package!


Grandma's Baking Basket

Are you lucky enough to know a Grandma whose home greets you with the aroma of freshly baked cookies, cakes and breads? If so, chances are she'd love a gift basket filled with a selection of top-notch baking spices and flavorings. Include packaged spices (available in glass bottles or smaller Simply Organic Mini Spices) such as cinnamon, ginger root, and poppy seed, as well as a selection of simply organic extracts and flavors, ranging from almond, lemon and orange to peppermint and vanilla. Add a couple of new baking mitts to the basket, and watch everyone lick their lips when Grandma opens her gift.

For a broader selection of baking items for Grandma's Baking Basket, visit the Spices & Seasonings section, where additional spices, such as anise seed, apple pie and dessert spice, and nutmeg are available in bulk. (Give some to Grandma, and stock your own pantry with the rest!)

Topping It All Off

For a special touch, you can spend some of that time you've saved by shopping online to dress up your gift package. Instead of topping it with a bow (which more often than not just goes straight to the trash after it's pulled off the gift), create something that people can enjoy throughout the year. Tie some Frontier cinnamon sticks, dried baby's breath, or pine greenery together with ribbon or raffia, and attach a small card with your wish for the New Year. This little bundle could double as a tree ornament for the rest of the Christmas season, and then move to the kitchen, bathroom or other location where the cinnamon can be enjoyed for months to come.

If you still have people on your list that haven't been crossed off, take a look at our Aromatherapy Gift Basket ideas. After that, make yourself another cup of relaxing tea, sit back and put your feet up--you deserve it after all the shopping you've done. Happy holidays!

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