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Picnic Toys & Other Essentials

  • A camera to capture those special moments.
  • Lawn or camp chairs. Unless the idea of sitting on a stump all day sounds appealing, remember to pack some comfy lawn chairs.
  • flying a kiteBlankets. Big ones. The size that’s perfect for napping and reading—or watching the stars, if your picnic carries on into the night. You may also want to bring along a big plastic sheet or tarp to put under the blanket, in case the ground is a little wet.
  • Tablecloth, and tablecloth clips (available in camping stores or departments).
  • Binoculars. For bird-watching, kid-checking, and anything else you want to keep an eye on.
  • A small, rugged vase. Your hike in the woods could land you a great bouquet of wildflowers to serve as a centerpiece on your picnic table.
  • A kite. A couple of big bottles of bubbles. A Frisbee, a puzzle, a board game, or a deck of cards. You know -- fun stuff!
  • Staying late? Bring firewood, kindling and matches for a campfire.
  • A flashlight or maybe even a camping lantern.
  • A guitar or other musical instruments for playing and singing around the campfire with your friends and family.
  • Swimming suits, an extra set of clothes and towels, if you're picnicking near a swimming area.
  • Garbage bags. Don't litter the campsite.
  • Duct tape. (Just because you should never go anywhere without duct tape.)

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