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Herb Guide

Herb Guide

Tips on how to use Frontier's top quality herbs for teas and tinctures, salves and skincare or even make them a part of a wedding! (See the complete list of articles in the left column.) Here are a few of our more popular articles to get you started.

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Lavish Lavender

Follow our tips on the many ways to enjoy the alluring aroma of lavender — in skincare, potpourri, baths — even cooking. Important info on making sure you're using pure, high quality lavender, too. More.

Cleaning with Herbs

Avoid the toxic chemicals that dominate most commercial cleaning products by making your own effective cleansers with safe, natural herbs. Recipes for kitchens, carpets, floors and windows. More.

End-of-Day Herbs

Learn how the relaxing properties of certain herbs can help you and your family unwind for a more tranquil bedtime. Try a soothing herbal bath, sleep pillow, room spray or cup of tea to set the mood for a restful evening. More.

Herbal Salves

Step-by-step instructions for making your own custom herbal salves using herbs and beeswax. Easy stovetop methods and no-cook methods — and 15 tips both experienced and rookie salve makers will find useful. More.

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