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Please Don't Ask Us to Carry These Herbs

We pride ourselves on having the largest available selection of herbs, but there are some herbs you see in the marketplace that we won’t carry. Frontier doesn’t sell the following wild herbs because they are no longer plentiful enough in the wild to support commercial harvest—and we ask that you join us in trying to preserve them by not buying them anywhere:

Lady’s Slipper Root
(Cypripedium pubescens)
Situation: Cultivated sources don’t exist; wild plants banned for sale by AHPA.
Frontier’s History: Stopped purchasing in 1988.
Substitutes: Valerian, skullcap, cramp bark or black cohosh.

Beth Root
(Trillium erectum)
Situation: Populations limited; reproduces slowly.
Frontier’s History: Never carried.
Substitutes: Black cohosh, yarrow, mullein, raspberry or shepherd’s purse.

True Unicorn Root
(Aletris farinosa)
Situation: Rare throughout its range.
Frontier’s History: Never carried.
Substitutes: Peppermint, chamomile.

Wild American Ginseng
(Panax quinquefolius)
Situation: Wild populations continue to decline in spite of controls.
Frontier’s History: Root dropped in 1987,
leaf dropped in 1999.
Substitutes: Cultivated root and leaf.

False Unicorn or Helonias Root
(Chamaelirium luteun syn. Helonias lutea (dioica))
Situation: Becoming rare.
Frontier’s History: Dropped in 1999.
Substitutes: Chaste tree or Dong Quai.

Wild Goldenseal
(Hydrastis canadensis)
Situation: Greatly reduced wild populations.
Frontier’s History: Dropped in 1999.
Substitutes: Cultivated goldenseal.

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