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Simply Organic Fish Taco Seasoning Mix, ORGANIC
Simply Organic Fish Taco Seasoning Mix, ORGANIC

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Ingredients: Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Paprika, Organic Garlic, Sea Salt, Organic Chili Pepper, Organic Potato Starch, Organic Onion, Organic Cilantro, Organic Cumin, Silicon Dioxide, Organic Black Pepper, Citric Acid, Organic Coriander.
Directions: 1. Mix packet contents with 1/4 cup warm water in a bowl, stir until completely dissolved.

2. Place 1/2 inch stips of fish (1 lb., cod or halibut recommended) in plastic bag. Add 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil and coat fish thoroughly. Add taco marinade and coat fish again.

3. In a large skillet, thoroughly cook marinated fish. Squeeze 1 large lime on fish before serving.

Makes 4, two-taco, servings.

Suggested Uses: For Southwest salad, dice 2 medium tomatoes, and place in a large bowl. Add 1 can of corn and 1 can of black beans, drained. Whisk packet contents and 1/2 cup olive oil together and pour over vegetables. Squeeze on lime juice.
Product Notes: An array of fish-friendly organic seasonings for fish tacos and other Mexican dishes.
Processing Notes: Simply Organic uses ingredients grown and processed without the use of toxic pesticides, irradiation, or genetically engineered products.
Organic: QAI Certified Organic
Kosher: KSA Certified
Common Name: Fish Taco
Bar Code: 0-89836-18534-1