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Precious Essentials

Comforting Vanilla Comforting Vanilla

The delicious scent of Aura Cacia's Comforting Vanilla Aromatherapy Soak may recall a memorable culinary indulgence, but its desirable properties extend far beyond the kitchen. Vanilla's familiar scent has the power to comfort and calm; the deep, rich, sweet aroma also suggests an inconspicuous but undeniable sensuality.

Purifying Sandalwood Purifying Sandalwood

Aura Cacia's Purifying Sandalwood Aromatherapy Soak will not only lighten your mental load, but also encourage intimacy; men in particular respond to is hardy potency.

Renewing Rose Renewing Rose

Rose Absolute was first distilled by the Arabian physician Avicenna during the Middle Ages, and the people of the Renaissance believed that it relieved stress. While the rose’s aroma sets a stabilizing mood during times of anxiety and grief, it also exhibits the intoxicating qualities that describe an aphrodisiac.

Sensual Jasmine Sensual Jasmine

Aura Cacia's Sensual Jasmine Aromatherapy Soak will restore vitality and incite passion. Exotic and alluring, jasmine creates a tranquil atmosphere and manifests a curious seductive power.
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