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Alder Smoked Salt Alder Smoked Salt

Our alder smoked salt gets its authentic flavor from being slowly smoked over true alderwood. This all-natural smoking process adds great flavor without adding any additional colors or ingredients.

Fleur de Sel Fleur de Sel

Long considered the caviar of salts, Fleur de Sel is comprised of light, moist crystals that look like tiny snowflakes and will make any dish sparkle with shine and a violet-like aroma. It is hand-harvested from the prized salt marshes in Brittany, France.

Grey Sea Salt Grey Sea Salt

Our Grey Sea Salt is an all natural sea salt, unrefined and unprocessed, sourced from the Guerande Region in Brittany, France. This mineral rich sea salt is harvested by traditional Celtic methods using a paludier, a craftsman salt harvester.

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

This beautiful sea salt from Hawaii has a striking black color and silky texture. Pacific sea salt is bathed in all natural activated Coconut shell charcoal to achieve its characteristic color and slightly-earthy salt flavor. This coarse black salt has very large crystals which help to accentuate its visual appeal while providing a pleasant crunch.

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt Hawaiian Red Sea Salt

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in trace minerals, all of which are found in sea water. A small amount of harvested reddish Hawaiian clay (‘Alaea) enriches the salt with Iron-Oxide. Traditionally, Hawaiians used this salt in ceremonies to cleanse, purify and bless tools and canoes, as well, in healing rituals for medicinal purposes.

Kala Namak Sea Salt Kala Namak Sea Salt

Another common name for this salt is “Indian Black Salt” or “Sanchal” even though the salt crystals are actually light pink with a grayish tinge. This salt, which has a strong “cooked egg” odor, is mined in Central India as large, reddish-black crystals that are high in sulphur. The crystals are then finely ground into a grayish, rosy powder.

New Zealand Sea Salt New Zealand Sea Salt

New Zealand sea salt is naturally harvested from the deep waters of the Pacific ocean, leading to a crisp, pure taste. This robust salt contains a great balance of elements and minerals that remain after the salt water is evaporated.

Yakima™ Applewood Smoked Sea Salt Yakima™ Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Yakima™ Applewood Smoked Salt is a flaky sea salt that is naturally smoked over true Eastern Washington Applewood at low temperatures. Aged applewood is one of the most popular fruit woods used in smoking.
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