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New Products Deliver Exotic Flavor

Norway, Iowa (November 3, 2008) — Sometimes the best new product concepts are not formulated by technicians in labs; nor are they necessarily conceived by marketing executives. The best ideas for the most useful new products are often inspired by the everyday users of the products themselves — consumers. In response to consumer demand for new delicious sources of health-supporting natural products, Frontier Natural Products Co-op has crafted three new tea flavors.

The three new artisan green teas, available directly from Frontier, are Blueberry Green Kukicha Tea, a natural blueberry-flavored specialty tea; Jasmine Pearl, a hand-rolled, pearl-shaped tea infused with jasmine flower essence; and Genmaicha Matcha, a Japanese green tea with toasted rice that is dusted with powdered matcha.

The new Blueberry Green Kukicha tea evolved in response to the recent growth in consumption of green tea and blueberries. "The unique processing of Japanese green tea produces not only sweet, fresh aromas and flavors," says Tom Havran, Frontier tea expert. “We selected our green kukicha stem tea, known as karigane, from the finest tea regions in Japan — and rounded out the flavor with an amazing natural blueberry extract.”

Jasmine Pearl tea uses only premium, spring-grown tips of the tea plant. Each individually hand-rolled pearl is formed from two leaves and the tender bud at the end of the stem — where the most delicate flavor resides. The rolled and dried pearls of tea are then spread out and layered with fresh jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers open their petals and release their aroma, which is readily absorbed and fixed in the tea pearls. Finally, the spent flowers are carefully removed. “Couple the visual experience of this beautiful tea with the release of the jasmine essence, and you have an exceptional tea that you can truly savor,” explained Havran.

The third addition to Frontier’s new line-up of green teas is a special Japanese rendition made with sencha, toasted rice and powdered matcha. Organic Genmaicha Matcha tea begins with spring-harvested sencha tea leaves, rich in fresh green vegetal flavors. Next, grains of toasted rice are added to impart a nutty sweetness and sustenance to the cup. The key to this special tea is the addition of precious matcha — the powdered tea used in the esteemed Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is the only green tea that uses the whole leaf, imparting the best green tea flavor. Unlike the dregs of conventional tea, the partially dissolved matcha that is suspended in the tea is meant to be drunk for its unparalleled flavor.

While premium quality might suggest a premium price, Frontier’s new artisan teas are a great value. Each ounce of whole loose leaf tea yields approximately 19 servings. Cost per serving (SRP) ranges from $.20 to $.30 for these artisan teas, making them comparable in price to bagged teas, but significantly superior in quality.

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