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New line of 11 teas combines quality and flavor with social responsibility

Norway, Iowa (November 6, 2006) — Frontier Natural Products Co-op(TM), a leading manufacturer and marketer of natural and organic products, is introducing a line of 11 packaged, organic, Fair Trade Certified(TM) teas. Six of the premium teas are designated as daytime teas - English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, and Nilgiri. The other five are soothing teas, more suitable for drinking during the evening, and include Chinese Green, Green Chai, Gunpowder, Jasmine, and Rooibos.

To help tea drinkers enjoy them even more, Frontier packaged each tea with suggestions on the best time of day to enjoy it, the optimum brewing method, information about the tea's flavor, and even ideas on what foods make the best companions.

Packaged in resealable, stand-up, gusseted bags with Freshlock® zippers and a special barrier that protects the tea from air and moisture, the teas stay fresh while providing about 25 cups per bag. A view window on the package lets consumers see the color and quality of the loose tea.

Each tea comes from one of seven organic, Fair Trade tea garden estates in China, India, Sri Lanka or South Africa. The package identifies the tea estate from which the tea originates and describes how Fair Trade benefits the growers' local community.

Frontier's seasoning and packaged tea category manager Kory Kazimour notes that growing consumer demand for loose-leaf tea and increased interest in socially responsible products is behind the new product line. "Overall sales of loose-leaf teas have grown 23 percent in the past year because consumers want the flavor advantages of brewing loose-leaf teas. At the same time, the positive effects of the Fair Trade program on tea workers in developing countries let consumers feel good about choosing these products."

The Fair Trade certification program ensures workers fair standards for wages, living situations and working conditions. The premium price Frontier pays growers for Fair Trade Certified teas supports improvements in health care, sanitation, living conditions, education and recreation for tea workers and their families. In addition, the tea estates use sustainable agricultural practices that improve the land and minimize negative environmental impacts.

Each of the new Frontier Organic Fair Trade Certified(TM) packaged teas has a suggested retail price of either $5.99 or $6.99. For more information, call 1-800-669-3275 or visit Frontier's website at

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