Hibiscus Blend Tea

4 cups water
4 teaspoons Frontier Organic Hibiscus Flowers
1 teaspoon Frontier Spearmint Leaves
1  Frontier Organic Vanilla Bean
3  Frontier Organic Whole Cloves
1  Frontier Organic Cinnamon Sticks
Boil water and pour over remaining ingredients. Steep for 10 minutes, then strain.

Ease of Preparation: Easy

Preparation Time: 5 min
steep 10

Cook Time: 5 min

Servings: 1 cup

From: Frontier Files

Chef Suggestions
Sweeten with honey and serve hot or iced.
Nutrition Facts
As prepared, each serving contains 0 calories, 0g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 0mg sodium, 0g total carbohydrate and 0g protein.