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We’ve got some tasty ideas for hot and cold beverage treats, and flavored ice cubes as well!

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Ease of Preparation:

easy Easy moderate Moderate challenging Challenging

Easy 14-Carrot Smoothie 5-10 min
Easy Banana, Pineapple and Orange Smoothie 5 minutes 0 minutes
Easy Bedouin Tea 5 min 10 min
Easy Bloody Mary Mix 5 min
Easy Blue Lassi 5 min
Easy Blueberry Super Smoothie 5 min
Easy Brandy Milk Punch 5 min
Easy Brandy Tea Punch 10 min 15 min steeping
Easy Caraway Liqueur (Our Version of Kummel) 15 min 10 min
Easy Cardamom White Hot Chocolate 10 min 10 min
Easy Cayenne-Infused Hot Cocoa
Chai Spiced Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Easy Chai Tea Latte 5 min 30 min
Easy Chai with Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Ginger 5 min 5 min
Easy Chicory Root Maple and Almond Milk Latte 5 minutes
Easy Chill-Chaser Chai Tea 10 min 15 min
Cinnamon Hot Cocoa in a Jar
Cinnamon Sugar Horchata Cocktail 5 min
Easy Classic Hot Cocoa
Easy Cocoa Con Chile 10 min 10 min
Moderate Cranberry Clove Spiced Rum Punch
Moderate Crystallized Ginger Ale 5 minutes 2 1/2 hours
Easy Dairy-Free Coconut Eggnog 10 min 15 to 20 min
Easy Dandelion Coffee 5 min 5 min
Dia de los Muertos Hot Cocoa Drink 10 minutes
Dog Days Old Fashioned
Easy Earl Grey Rum Punch
Easy Eden's Downfall Apple Cider Drink 10 minutes
Easy Elder Flower Milk Recipe 2 min 5 min
Easy Fall Spice Liqueur 15 min 10 min
Easy Finjan Kirfee (Syrian Spice Drink) 10 min 20 min
Five Alarm Watermelon Margarita
Easy Five Spice Chai Tea Latte
Easy Fruit Smoothie 5-10 min
Easy Galatoire's Eggnog 15-20 min 10 min
Easy Ginger Orange Carrot Cake Smoothie 15 minutes
Easy Glugg 5 mins 15 mins
Easy Green Tea Strawberry Smoothie 10 minutes
Easy Hibiscus Blend Tea 5 min 5 min
Moderate Hibiscus Wild Cherry Ale 5 minutes 2 1/2 hours
Easy Holiday Spiced Tea 5 min 15 min
Moderate Homemade Chai Latte Concentrate
Easy Hot Buttered Rum 5 min 10 min
Easy Hot Cha Cha Chai-Simmered Hot Cocoa
Easy Hot Cocoa Nightcap 5 min 2 min
Easy Hot Ginger Toddy 10 min 20 min
Easy Hot Mulled Cider 5 min 15 min
Easy Hot Toddy Punch 5 min 5 min
Easy Island Punch 24 hr
Easy Jamaican Christmas Punch 10 min 7 min
Easy Jasmine Tea with a Punch 10 min 15 min
Easy Lavender Lemonade 10 min
Easy Lemon Mint Tea 2 min 5 min
Moderate Lemon Vanilla Bean Cream Soda 10 minutes 2 hours
Easy Lemony Apple Cooler 5 min 5 min
Mango Kale Smoothie with Turmeric
Easy Minty Pineappleade 5 min
Easy Mocha Nights 10 min
Easy Mulled Apple Cider with Cinnamon Whipped Cream 5 min 20 min
Easy Mulled Cider 5 min 30 min
Easy Mulled Cranberry Juice 10 min 10 min
New Orleans SnoBall Cocktail
Moderate Nocino 20 min
Easy Orange Nutmeg Manhattan
Easy Orange Peel-Infused Hot Cocoa
Easy Peach Pizzazz 5-10 min
Easy Peppermint Cacao Smoothie 5 minutes 0 minutes
Easy Peppermint Patty Hot Cocoa
Easy Peppermint Sour 10 min 5 min
Pineapple Green Juice with Ginger
Easy Pumpkin Pie Spice Ice Cream Shake 5 min
Easy Raspberry Tea Ice Pops 10 minutes
Easy Rosehip Aquavit 10 min
Easy Rosy Mint Iced Tea 5 min 10 min
Sage Advice Vodka Cocktail
Easy Sangria 24 hr
Moderate Sarsaparilla Root Beer 5 minutes 4 hours
Moderate Se Chung Oolong Tea Vodka Cooler with Chinese Five Spice Ice
Easy Sleepy Tea 5-10 min
Easy Southern Punch 15-20 min 20 min
Easy Spice Apple Tea 5 min 30 min
Easy Spiced Banana Oat Smoothie
Easy Spiced Coffee Liqueur 20 min 15 min
Moderate Spicy Bloody Mary 10 minutes
Easy Splendid Spiced Cocoa 5 min 10-30 min
Easy Sriracha and Pepper Bloody Mary 5 min
Easy Summer's Bloom Jasmine Tea Martini 5 minutes
Easy Tea Treats (Flavored Ice Cubes) 5 min 10 min
Easy Tropical Breeze Mango Smoothie 10 min
Easy Truly Orange Orange Pekoe Tea 10 min 5 min
Turmeric Almond Milk with Ginger
Easy Turmeric Ginger Carrot Juice 10 minutes
Moderate Vanilla Bean-Infused Cacao Nib Hot Chocolate
Easy Vanilla Orange Cocktail with Mint 5 minutes
Easy Very Berry Lemonade 5 min
Easy Visions of Sugarplums Toddy 10 min 15 min
Easy Warming Ginger Tea 5 min 10-15 min
Easy Wassail 10 min 15 min
Easy Winter Warm-up 5 min
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