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Dressings & Dips

Here are delicious dressings for all kinds of salads and ideas for great dips — quick party dips, dips you can make in your crockpot, etc.

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Cajun & Creole (3)
Indian (4)
Italian (2)
Mediterranean (4)
Mexican (19)
Thai (1)

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Gluten-Free (2)
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Poultry (2)
Seafood (2)

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Dressings & Dips

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Dressings & Dips
Easy Acorn Squash Dip 5 min 45 min
Easy All-American Cheese Ball 5 min
Easy Almond Hummus 10 min
Easy Almond-Mint Dukkah 5 min
Easy Almond-Paprika Dukkah 5 min
Easy Annatto Oil 15 min
Easy Artichoke Paté 15 min
Easy Avocado Chipotle Black Bean Dip 10 min
Easy Avocado Salsa 5 min
Easy Basic Hummus 5 min
Easy Bissara Dip 20 min 1 hr
Easy Black Bean Dip 10-15 min 10 min
Easy Black Bean Salsa with Cilantro and Chiles 10 min
Easy Black Bean Taco Dip 5-7 min
Easy Breakfast Butter 10 min
Easy Cannellini Bean Spread 10 min
Easy Caramel Dip 5 min 5 min
Easy Cashew Dill Dip & Dressing 15 min
Easy Cashew-Red Pepper Dukkah 5 min
Easy Chicken Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette 20-30 min
Easy Chipotle Dressing 10 min
Easy Chipotle Hummus 20 min 5 min
Chocolate Yogurt Fruit Dip 10 minutes
Easy Citrus Avocado Taco Salad Dressing 15 min
Moderate Collard Green Dip 30 min 30 min
Easy Coriander Fruit Dip 10 min
Moderate Coriander Roasted Tomatillo Jam 10 minutes 90 minutes
Easy Corn, Red Pepper and Black Bean Salsa 10 minutes 0 minutes
Easy Cranberry Sauce 5 min 5-8 min
Easy Creamy Crudité Dip 10 min
Easy Creamy Dill Sandwich Spread 5 min
Easy Creamy Italian Dressing 5 min
Easy Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing 10 min
Easy Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip 15 min 20-25 min
Easy Cumin Salad Dressing 5 min
Easy Curried Eggless Egg Salad Sandwiches 10-15 min
Easy Curried Lentil Dip 10 min 35 min
Easy Curry Powder 10 min 2 min
Moderate Darjeeling Market Tibetan Bread 15 min 15 min
Easy Dijon and Tarragon Dressing 5 min
Moderate Dip Into India 15-20 min 20 min
Moderate Eggplant Caviar 1 hr
Easy Eggplant Dip 15 min 45 min
Easy Fig and Ginger Jam 5 min 15 min
Easy Fresh Mango Salsa 5 min
Easy Fruit Dressing 5 min
Easy Garlic Bean Dip 10 min
Easy Garlic, Rosemary and Orange Bread Dip
Easy Garlicky Edamame Hummus 10 min
Easy Ginger Dressing/Marinade 10 min
Easy Green Chile Paste (Zhough) 10 min
Easy Green Pepper, Cilantro and Tomatillo Salsa 10 minutes 0 minutes
Easy Grilled Corn Salsa 10 minutes 12-15 minutes
Moderate Grilled Sardines with Caponata 30 min 15 min
Easy Guacahummus 15 min
Easy Guacamole Goddess Dressing 10 min
Easy Guacamole Salsa 10 min
Easy Harissa Spread 10 min
Moderate Havarti and Asiago Spinach Dip 15 minutes 30-40 minutes
Easy Hazelnut Dukkah 5 min
Easy Healthier Spinach and Artichoke Dip 15 min 20 min
Easy Hearty Chili Dip 5 min 5 min
Easy Herbed Salad Dressing 5 min
Easy Honey Mustard Salad Dressing 5 min
Easy Hot Horseradish Mustard 30 min 15 min
Easy Instant Hummus 5 min
Easy Italian Herb Dipping Oil 5 min
Easy Jalapeno Bac'Un Dip 15 min
Easy Jamaican Jerk Dipping Sauce 2 min
Easy Layered Southwest Taco Dip 15 min
Easy Lemon Balm Simple Syrup
Easy Lemon Basil Hummus
Easy Lemon Mayonnaise 5 min
Easy Lemon-Garlic Hummus 5 min
Easy Lemony Pasta Butter 5 min
Easy Lentil Pecan Pate 20 min 45 min
Moderate Lentil-Walnut Paté 20 min 40 min
Easy Mango Salsa 15 min 5 min
Easy Maple-Pecan Streusel 10 min
Easy Mary's Country Bean Paté 15 min
Moderate Mashed Black-Eyed Peas with Garlic Pureé 30 min 45 min
Easy Mayonnaise 5-10 min
Easy Mediterranean Herb Salad Dressing 5 min
Easy Mexican Bean Dip 10 min 5-6 min
Easy Mild Chunky Salsa 10 min
Easy Mississippi Delta Dip 15 min
Moderate Mulligatawny Dal 10 min 30 min
Moderate Mushroom Pecan Pate 20 min 90 min
Easy North African Lemon Dressing 10-15 min
Easy Onion Dip Dressing 5 min
Easy Pasta Salad Dressing 10 min
Moderate Peanut and Árbol Chili Salsa 15 min 5 min
Easy Pesto Sauce 10 min
Easy Pistachio-Clove Dukkah 5 min
Easy Poppy Seed Dressing 5 min
Easy Ranch Bean Dip 5-7 min
Easy Raspberry Garlic Spread 5 min
Easy Real Peanut Sauce 10 min
Easy Red Pepper and Walnut Spread 10 min
Easy Rhubarb and Orange Chutney 15 min 2 1/2 hr
Easy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus 10 min 8-10 min
Moderate Roasted Tomato Onion and Pepper Salsa 10 minutes 30-40 minutes
Easy Salsa Seafood Spread 5 min
Moderate Savory Eggplant "Jam" with Cumin and Coriander 10 min 30-40 min
Easy Shrimp Dip 5 min 3 min
Easy Simply Organic’s Greek Dressing 5 min
Easy Slow cooker Spinach Dip 5 min 20 min
Easy Smoked Salmon Dip 10 min
Easy Southwest Ranch Dip 5 min
Easy Spicy Aioli Spread 5 min
Easy Spicy Chicken Dip 15 min
Moderate Spicy Chickpea Purée 20 min 5-10 min
Easy Spicy Clementine Dressing 5 min
Easy Spicy Hummus 10 min
Easy Spicy Peanut Sauce with Chipotlé 15-20 min
Easy Spicy Taco Dip 10 min
Moderate Spicy Tomato Jam 5-10 min 30 min
Moderate Spicy Yellow Split Pea Quinoa Dal 20 min 1 hr
Easy Spinach Slow Cooker Dip 5 min 15 min
Easy Spirulina and Nutritional Yeast Seasoning
Easy Spirulina Green Guacamole 10 minutes
Easy Spirulina Guacamole 5 min
Easy Sun-Dried Tomato Spread 5 min
Easy Sweet & Succulent Mango-Avocado Dip 10 min
Easy Tandoori Fruit Salsa 15 min
Easy Tarragon Salad Dressing 5 min
Easy Tofu Dip 10 min
Easy Tofu Sandwich Spread 5 min
Easy Tofu Sour Cream 5 min
Easy Tofu-Tahini Sandwich Spread 10 min
Moderate Turnip Greens with Boiled Dressing 15-20 min 5-10 min
Easy Vegan Soy-licious Mayonnaise 5 min
Moderate White Bean Spread 10-15 min 45 min
Easy Wine-n-Cheese Spread 5 min
Easy Yogurt Dip 5 min
Easy Zippy BBQ Dip 5-10 min 15-20 min
Easy Zucchini Salsa 15 min
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