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Vegetarian Main Dishes

We’re pleased to bring you a delicious array of vegetarian recipes, encompassing many ethnic cuisines as well as basic veggie fare. Even meat lovers will be on board with these.

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Indian Vegetarian Main Dishes

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Vegetarian Main Dishes
Easy Braised Curried Tofu with Peas 10-15 min 5-10 min
Moderate Butternut Squash Soup with Garam Masala 20 minutes 45 minutes
Easy Coconut Cashew Rice 10-15 min 15-20 min
Moderate Curried Eggplant 45 min 30-40 min
Easy Curried Sunchokes, Plantain, and Apples 15-20 min 20 min
Moderate Fire-Roasted Stuffed Peppers 20 minutes 55-60 minutes
Easy Fried Eggplant 5 min 30 min
Easy Garam Masala Lentil Soup with Coriander Yogurt
Moderate Golden Tofu Saute with Peppers and Onions 15-20 min 10-15 min
Moderate Indian Rice and Peanuts 10 min 1 hr
Easy Indonesian Rice Patties 30 min 30 min
Easy Mini Curry Frittatas with Root Vegetables 15 minutes 25 minutes
Moderate Mulligatawny Dal 10 min 30 min
Easy Mushroom Curry 15-20 min 30 min
Easy Mushroom Curry with Tofu 10 min 35 min
Moderate Pineapple Curry 30 min 20 min
Moderate Pumpkin and Spinach Curry 30 min 30-40 min
Easy Rice Studded with Dry Fruit (Mewa Pulao) 10 min 45 min
Easy Roasted Vegetable Curry 15-20 min 25-30 min
Moderate Spring Vegetable Curry with Sri Lankan Spices 30 min 1 hr
Easy Sweet Rice Pilaf 10 min 30-35 min
Easy Tofu Scramble 5 min 10 min
Easy Tomato and Cilantro Rice 10 min 5-10 min
Moderate Vegetable Curry 10 min 30 min
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