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Appetizers & Snacks

Appetizers and snacks help make being together more fun! Try some of these at your next gathering.

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Appetizers & Snacks

Ease of Preparation:

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Appetizers & Snacks
Easy Acorn Squash Dip 5 min 45 min
Moderate Adobo Stuffed Portabellos 20 min 30-40 min
Easy Apple Whip 10 min 1 hr
Easy Balsamic Lemon Peppered Vegetable Skewers 20 min 10-15 minutes
Easy Broiled Sesame Tomatoes 5 min 2-3 min
Easy Bruschetta 5 min 5-10 min
Easy Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms 15 min 35 min
Easy Caribbean Salmon Cakes 20 min 45 min
Easy Caribbean Shrimp Bruschetta 15 min 5-6 min
Easy Cheddar Bac'Un Cheese Log 15 min
Easy Cheesy Herb Spread 5 min
Easy Chili Cheese Chips 20 min 5 min
Easy Chili Cheese Log 30 min
Easy Chinese Five Spice Peanuts 5 min 50-70 min
Easy Chipotle Southwest Sliders 20 min 10 min
Easy Easy Mushrooms 5-10 min 35-45 min
Easy Fiesta Cheese Ball 10 min
Easy Fried Cheese 5 min 2-5 min
Moderate Gourmet Mini Pizzas 20 min 10-15 min
Easy Harissa Olive Salad 10-15 min
Easy Harissa Spread 10 min
Easy Hearty Chili Dip 5 min 5 min
Easy Homemade Cucumber Pickles
Easy Jamaican Jerk Dipping Sauce 2 min
Easy Mississippi Delta Dip 15 min
Easy Spicy Herbed Chicken Fingers 5-10 min 10-15 min
Easy Tandoori Fruit Salsa 15 min
Challenging Thai Summer Rolls 1 hr 25-35 min
Easy Tofu Croutons 5 min 5-10 min
Easy Tofu Dip 10 min
Easy Tomato Sorbet 5-10 min
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