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Well Earth® Standards

well earth logoFrontier screens potential Well Earth® suppliers with an extensive questionnaire, at least one on-site visit, and a thorough evaluation against specific criteria to assess product quality, operational sustainability, environmental practices, and social responsibility. The three-person Well Earth Review Team evaluates each supplier and accepts those who demonstrate commitment on all aspects of the assessment. Frontier works with accepted suppliers in a partnership to maximize high quality, organic agriculture and support environmental and social progress in the grower communities.

Potential Well Earth partners are evaluated against five standards. Each standard has four areas of attention with criteria for evaluating the practices and policies in that area. Also included in each standard is the opportunity to get additional credit for implementing new or innovative practices that support the requirements of that section.

Standard 1 - Worker Safety and Fair Treatment

well earthWell Earth partners are committed to providing a safe, clean, orderly and positive working environment for all workers. Partners are equal opportunity employers that do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, gender, religion, union or political affiliation, age or disability nor employ any type of forced or involuntary labor. Well Earth partners strive to improve the lives of workers and their families by providing access to basic life-supporting needs, ensuring sustainable livelihoods and opportunities for enrichment, education and growth.

Areas of Attention:

· Working Conditions
· Wages
· Child & Forced Labor
· Human Rights
· Innovation

Standard 2 - Sustainable Growing/ Production Practices

well earthWell Earth partners are certified organic operations by a USDA accredited organization. Non-organic partners are committed to sustainable growing and production practices that maximize the efficient use of energy and natural resources and minimize use of chemicals and harmful practices with an emphasis on managing for long term sustainability.

Areas of Attention:

· Certified Organic by USDA accredited organization
· Soil Care and Conservation
· Pest/Disease Control
· Weed Control
· Sustainable Management
· Innovation

Standard 3 - Environmental Impact

well earth Well Earth partners strive to protect and restore the environment. They work to minimize the use of energy and natural resources and to decrease waste and harmful emissions.

Areas of Attention:

· Pollutants & Waste Disposal
· Water Protection and Conservation
· Protection of Natural Ecosystems
· Wildlife & Wildlife Habitat
· Innovation

Standard 4 - Social & Community Impact

well earthWell Earth companies are "good neighbors" who maintain an open relationship with the communities where they operate and are sensitive to the communities' culture and needs. They strive to make their communities better places to live and conduct business.

Areas of Attention:

· Good Neighbor
· Community Support
· Community Resources
· Land Use & Possession
· Innovation

Standard 5 - Food Safety & Quality

well earth Well Earth companies adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices so that all botanical products are prepared, packed and held under sanitary conditions. All reasonable precautions are taken to insure that products are pure, unadulterated, authentic and meet quality standards.

Areas of Attention:

· Farm Production
· Processing/Treatment
· Management & Facilities
· Quality
· Innovation

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