Frontier Co-op Frontier Co-op Lavender Flowers, Whole, Organic 1 lb.

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  • Kosher
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The fresh, sweet aroma of Frontier® Organic Whole Lavender Flowers has relaxing and uplifting qualities that leave users with a sense of calm and balance, making it one of today's most popular scents. Lavender is a gentle, multi-purpose herb. Use in herbal sachets, DIY creams and lotions, shampoos, facial steams, baths, body powders, salves and body mists. Our lavender flowers are also safe for consumption. Try them as a tea, add them to flower-infused cocktails or use them to flavor kombucha. Our organic, whole bulk lavender flowers are kosher certified.

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  • Origin: France
  • Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia Mill.

Organic Lavender Flowers.