Fair Trade Certified™ Products

Fair Trade Certified™ Products

People Helping People

For millions of farmers around the world, Fair Trade Certified™ products mean thriving communities, kids in school, and a healthy environment. By purchasing Fair Trade Certified products, you support the farmers who grow and deliver quality tea, cocoa, vanilla, sugar, herbs and spices.

Fair Trade certification is the internationally recognized gold standard for social responsibility. The rigorous audit system, which tracks products from farm to finished product, verifies industry compliance with Fair Trade criteria.

Introducing the First Fair Trade Certified Spices 

Frontier has long carried a wide variety of Fair Trade Certified products, such as teas, cocoa, vanilla and herbs. And we are constantly expanding our line of Fair Trade Certified items — as when we introduced the first Fair Trade Certified spices to the U.S. market in 2009.

We offer a large selection of Fair Trade Certified loose-leaf teas. Every purchase returns a premium directly to the tea workers' communities for projects like hiring school teachers, building maternal health clinics, and bringing electricity to their villages.

Seeing the Positive Effects of Fair Trade

As we have traveled the world, we've seen firsthand the positive effects of Fair Trade.

We've seen the schools and health care facilities at tea estates in various other regions of India funded by Fair Trade Premiums and talked with the workers who have a say in how the money is used in their communities. We've seen windmills and biodynamic agriculture attesting to their commitment to maintain their land for future generations. After meeting the workers and families of these communities, we know the impact Fair Trade Premiums can have.

When you sip a Frontier organic Fair Trade Certified tea or flavor your food with a Fair Trade Certified spice, that certification ensures that standards have been met for wages, living conditions and working conditions — and that the communities where the products are grown will benefit.

Americans live in the wealthiest nation in the world — and yet many of the foods and products we buy are produced by some of the world's poorest people. To make sure that a portion of the money you spend is re-invested in a socially responsible, ethical way, buy Fair Trade Certified products whenever they are available. There is no better way to support Fair Trade than with the dollars you spend.

Our Fair Trade Certified Selection

We offer a large selection of Fair Trade Certified loose-leaf teas, spices and herbs. Each product has a story that’s unique to the region in which the botanical was grown and harvested. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite stories below.



This organic, Fair Trade Certified turmeric is grown in Sri Lanka by the Small Organic Farmers Association (SOFA) and Marginalized Organic Producers Association (MOPA), two of our Well Earth co-op partners. In 2010, we provisioned SOFA – a 2,043-member cooperative of small-scale, organic farmers – with a $25,000 grant for the construction of an organic training center. The training center educate SOFA members and many other farmers on organic, sustainable growing techniques, both in a classroom setting and on its fully functional research and development farm

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Our organic ground nutmeg comes from the Small Organic Farmers Association (SOFA) and Marginalized Organic Producers Association (MOPA), co-ops of small-scale Sri Lankan farmers committed to quality products and social responsibility. The farmers take extra care to preserve the purity of their nutmeg. Such as harvesting the fruit so it never touches the ground. The co-ops’ Fair Trade certification ensures fair prices and working conditions. In addition, their communities benefit from projects that are funded by a portion of the Fair Trade Premium and coordinated through the local farmer associations.

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These organic cloves were one of the 16 spices we introduced in 2010 when Frontier Co-op became the first national brand to sell Fair Trade Certified spices. This means our Sri Lankan Well Earth farmer co-op partners – Small Organic Farmers Association (SOFA) and Marginalized Organic Producers Association (MOPA) – are guaranteed fair market prices and good working conditions. They are also able to improve their communities with a portion of the Fair Trade Premium they receive.

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Ginger Root 

Our Fair Trade Certified ginger root is co-op grown. We source it from two of our Well Earth Partners in Sri Lanka, the Small Organic Farmers Association (SOFA) and Marginalized Organic Producers Association (MOPA). In addition, to the social benefits it provides grower and their communities, this robust flavored ginger is sulfite-free. (Sulfites are often added to ginger to artificially brighten its color) 

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