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Our Well Earth sustainable sourcing program, started in 2007, is still going strong — adding supplier partners, increasing the volume of our products sourced through the program and helping grower communities around the world.

We create true partnerships with the growers and communities who supply our products through the Well Earth program. Here are some examples of those partnerships:

Saffron from Afghanistan Bay Leaf from Turkey
Vanilla from Uganda Turmeric from Guatemala
Turmeric from India Peppermint from Oregon
Cardamom from Guatemala Fennel from Turkey
Elder from Bulgaria Pepper from Vietnam
Cumin from India Parsley and Dill from Tunisia


Well Earth helps small farmers from Oregon to Sri Lanka improve their livelihoods with:

  • long-term contracts
  • improved equipment for safer, more productive operations
  • training in sustainable and organic agriculture
  • technical support for organic and Fair Trade certifications.

And thousands of lives have been bettered by our Well Earth social giving to grower communities that helps provide:

  • fresh water
  • medical and dental care
  • educational opportunities
  • improved infrastructure.

A recent project in one of our sourcing communities was helping build a dental clinic in Guatemala.

We're proud of the difference Well Earth is making every day in people's lives around the world.

[We also support our grower-partners through the socially and environmentally conscious non-profit Fair Trade. Well Earth provides assistance to growers in Fair Trade certification, and Frontier Co-op introduced the first Fair Trade Certified™ spices to the U.S. market in 2009.]


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