5 Must-Try Floral Cocktails


Learn how to bloom fantastic flavor in your drinks with 5 must-try floral cocktails. We’ll show you the techniques and the flowers to use with these mixologist-worthy recipes.

Florals for Modern Cocktail Mixology

Modern floral cocktail mixology is a sophisticated effort that engages the eyes, the taste buds and the sense of smell. The beauty and flavors of flowers can elevate bartending to the art and science that is mixology. The volatile oils that give flowers their aroma and flavor, (as well as their potentially beneficial properties) are soluble in alcoholic spirits, which makes them the perfect mix-ins for cocktails that are as much functional as they are beautiful and delicious.

Cocktail Ingredients:

Hibiscus – tart, fruity, lemon-like
Lavender – floral, herbal
Whole Jasmine Flowers – subtle, honey and hay-like
Chamomile – sweet-herbal, fruity-floral
Rosehips – tart, fruity-citrusy, tangy

Mixology 101

There are many ways to extract the flavors of flowers into your cocktails. Floral mixology begins with infusing them into a tea mixer or simple syrup sweetener. Flowers can also be used as garnishes and rim dressings. Here’s the low down on 3 easy methods that will earn you the title of mixologist in no time.


1. In a simple syrup.

Simple syrups are a basic 2 to 1 ratio of sugar to water, heated to a brief boil in order to dissolve the sugar. Simple syrups are the best way to sweeten drinks as sugar alone doesn’t dissolve as well if added straight into a shaken or stirred cocktail. You can add any edible flower into the simmering simply syrup to extract flavor and perfume your cocktail sweetener.

2. In a tea.

If a drink calls for a water mixer, try substituting a tea infused with the edible flower of your choice. You can take the floral tea flavored drink even further by freezing it into the ice cubes called for in your cocktail.

3. On the rim.

The sugar or salt based garnish on the rim of a cocktail glass is called a “rimmer” and it provides a sweet or savory garnish to enhance the taste of the cocktail. Try adding a bit of crumbled or powdered edible flowers to your rimmer to give your drink even more floral appeal.


5 Must-try Floral Cocktail Recipes

Hibiscus Margarita 

1. Hibiscus Margarita

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Earl Grey Lavender Cocktail

2. Earl Grey Lavender Cocktail

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Jewel of Oaxacan Cocktail

3. Jewel of Oaxacan Cocktail

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Hibiscus and Rosehip Cocktail

4. Hibiscus and Rosehip Cocktail

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Chamomile Gin Fizz

5. Chamomile Gin Fizz

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