Caribbean Cuisine


Where else but a place considered the quintessential paradise would you expect to find the perfect cuisine? In Caribbean cooking, warm spices like ginger and anise play with the cool freshness of native fruits like pineapple, lime and papaya. The flavors and colors of earthy chilies, cumin, and annatto enliven white grains, black beans and tropical seafood like shrimp and lobster. Exotic, aromatic, vibrantly colored, fresh, lively, hot (but not too hot—even the most subtle of the other spices comes through in each dish), Caribbean fare is an invitation to enjoy every bite of life! With the right spices nearby, Caribbean cooking is as relaxed as an afternoon on the white sands. Try one of these simple recipes to spice up a meal -- or serve them all at once for a thoroughly Caribbean experience!



Caribbean Beans and Rice

Make this dish jump by substituting a chili pepper for one of the sweet peppers.


Annatto Oil

Annatto imparts a lovely, warm, red color to sauces and grains. We’ve added a couple of spices for our own version.


Minty Pineappleade

Leftover pineapple core and a few spices make a refreshing drink. Just remember to get it the day before your Caribbean feast will be served.


Spicy Annatto Shrimp

This spicy marinade gives shrimp lovely golden glow and heat!


Ask The Experts

What are annatto seeds?

Also known as achiote, annatto seeds are hard, reddish seeds with an earthy flavor. Annatto is sold as a paste or oil in its native Caribbean, where cooks use it to flavor everything from grains and vegetables to seafood and meats.


How can I cook with annatto seeds?

You can grind annatto seeds into a powder for use in recipes. You might also add liquid to the powder to form a paste. Or you can make annatto oil to have on hand anytime you want to bring color and Caribbean flavor to a dish. To make the oil, simply heat about 1/2 cup of vegetable oil in a skillet. Add about 1/4 cup of seeds, and stir until the oil becomes reddish, about 2 to 3 minutes. Strain the oil into a glass jar and cool. Cover and store in the refrigerator.

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