All About Our Tea


Through programs like our own comprehensive sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, and purchasing Fair Trade Certified products, we help growers develop certified organic, sustainable production methods and improve social conditions for workers and their families and communities.


For high-quality loose teas that are ethically and sustainably sourced, Frontier stands apart. Frontier's diverse selection of carefully selected loose-leaf teas has been chosen to provide the best that the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, has to offer. Every container of every shipment of tea receives careful visual inspection and a thorough cupping (tasting). Our teas provide a clean, even leaf and an infusion that yields great color, aroma and flavor every time.


Frontier is a leader in high quality, organic loose teas because we have been the leader in quality botanical products since our founding in 1976. And as a co-op owned by our customers, we do business in a way that reflects their values of honesty and responsibility.


We are committed to ethical sourcing. We have a wide selection of Fair Trade Certified™ teas, which means that the garden where the tea is grown meets specific standards for the wages, living situation, and working conditions of its pickers. With every tea purchase, a premium goes back to the tea workers' community so they can hire schoolteachers, build maternal health clinics, bring electricity to their villages, and otherwise improve their lives.


We're committed to providing sustainably sourced spices to our customers — products respectful of the environment and the people around the world who produce these botanicals. We deal ethically with our growers and their communities and work with them to preserve and protect their resources.

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