"I would like to make a sh...”

I would like to make a shea butter body butter with essential oils for the fall/winter months. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to the best blends with shea butter/coconut oil/cocoa butter? Thank you.

-Kathleen Cohen

"Hi Carol.  Wonderful...”

Hi Carol.  Wonderful!  What a great endeavor (I am biased, I know).  There are now several great aromatherapy programs out there - I always look for schools that are accredited and have a great educational reputation in addition to a strong aromatherapy curriculum.  One of our favorites is ACHS (American College of Healthcare Sciences) based in Portland, Oregon.  They have a wide variety of online class options available and have a great reputation.  Best of luck to you!


"Charlynn, I have been thi...”

Charlynn, I have been thinking of taking some classes in Aromatherapy. I love working with Aura Cacia essential oils and have for some time. Any suggestions as to getting into a good program?

-Carol Breckenridge

"What a great article! So...”

What a great article! So holistic that I felt its energy! Thank you!

-Lore Prz

"Hi Charlynn,  thank...”

Hi Charlynn,  thank you for the quick reply!  I can see the baking soda causing a red rash but it would also block sweat glands and cause the lumps I am experiencing?  I have noticed that since I replaced the cocoa butter for shea butter my skin doesn’t break out in a red rash as much but I still have the blocked sweat glands.  If baking soda is the cause for both then I will start off my decreasing the amount and increasing the bentonite clay.  Thanks again!

-Valerie Murphy

"Hi Valerie.  We are...”

Hi Valerie.  We are so sorry to hear about your irritation with the recipe.  For some skin types the baking soda is the irritating component in this recipe and that ingredient alone can be the reason for the irritation.  Have you tried a variation without the baking soda yet? You can try reducing the baking soda by half and increasing the other dry ingredients to make up the difference or you can eliminate it altogether.  There are many ways to make a natural deodorant, and this is just one suggestion, but leaves a lot of room for customization by the individual to make it a better fit.  Hopefully, that simple change can make it work better for you!


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