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Board of Directors

Grant Lundberg

Grant is CEO of Lundberg Family Farms, the nation’s leading producer of organic and eco-farmed rice and rice products. He is a member of the third generation of the Lundberg family, which has owned and operated the rice farming and processing business in California’s Sacramento Valley since it was founded by his grandparents in 1937. Grant served as one of founding directors of the Non-GMO Project from 2007 to 2013. The company labels their products with the Non GMO verified seal. He was also co-chair of the California Right to Know Campaign, which supported proposition 37, the initiative to require the labeling of foods that contain GE ingredients. Lundberg Family Farms practices the principles of organic and sustainable farming. They also use renewable energy, waste diversion, energy conservation at their production facilities. Grant is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Management, with a concentration in Farm Management. He earned a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from Iowa State University, and joined the family business in 1987. Ten years later he was tapped to lead the company. Grant and Susie Lundberg reside in Durham, California.


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