Go Beyond the Burger with Frontier


Norway, Iowa (May 12, 2014) — As the grilling season begins across the country, have you considered what to offer your guests who may prefer something other than burgers? Frontier has your answer. The newly-launched "Grill the Goodness" microsite is packed with grilling how-to, rubs and marinades and mouthwatering recipes from top online culinary influencers.

"Our new series of grilling recipes is designed to not only bring out the freshness and flavor of grilled fare, but allow you to try out new grilling options to make any guest's mouth water," explained Brett Karminski, senior brand manager for Frontier Natural Products Co-op.

Recipes were developed specifically for Frontier by some of the web's top culinary influencers. Dishes target special diets, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and pescatarian, to ensure everyone has a place at the grill.

"Often times people with dietary considerations feel left out of the grilling fun," said Karminski. "By combining our sustainably-sourced herbs and spices with some 'outside of the box' recipes, we're giving grillers more than just a veggie burger to offer this summer."

Erin Alderson, author of the blog, "Naturally Ella," developed vegetarian and vegan grilling options, adding a spice-infused twist to grilled vegetables, fruit and tofu using Frontier's curry, turmeric, cinnamon and more.

Ashley McLaughlin, author of "Edible Perspective," designed a gluten-free menu with hints of Frontier's new smoked paprika, rosemary, basil, parsley and tomato flakes to bring out flavors of polenta, asparagus and even a grilled pizza.

Brian Samuels, author of the blog, "A Thought for Food," created seafood dishes using Frontier's spices including its new Organic Blackened Seafood Seasonings to enhance scallops, salmon and shrimp.

Visit the microsite today at http://grilling.frontiercoop.com.

Frontier is a registered brand of Frontier Natural Products Co-op. For more information, visit www.frontiercoop.com.

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