Norway, Iowa (March 6, 2017)Frontier Co-op Organic Saffron Threads have been named to Clean Eating magazine’s “2017 Clean Choice Awards” in the exotic spice category. 


The co-op began offering organic saffron for the first time last spring, after identifying a partner in remote regions of Spain.  According to Frontier Co-op’s procurement team, it takes nearly 8,000 crocuses to yield five and a half pounds of stigma, which produce one pound and two ounces of saffron after toasting.


Organic saffron adds a pungent, delicate flavor and rich yellow color when crushed into breads, soups, seafood, sauces and paellas. The spice also pairs well with foods such as chicken, potatoes, rice, eggs, yogurt and more.


Now in its sixth year, the “Clean Choice Awards” were created to help Clean Eating magazine readers identify products to help them more easily stick with their clean eating lifestyle.  It honors the top 100 products across 15 categories, including everything from pantry staples, breakfast picks, super time-savers, snacks, grains, baking goods, dairy and non-dairy items, gourmet goodies, green cleaning products, supplements and more.


Learn more about Frontier Co-op Organic Saffron at: https://www.frontiercoop.com/frontier-organic-saffron-threads-0-5-g




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