We work with organizations in our community to break down barriers to employment through transportation assistance, hiring opportunities for returning citizens, and funding assistance for local transitional housing programs. Each year, we commit 5% of our profit toward socially responsible spending, which includes our two brand-specific grant programs, support for national research on and the promotion of organics, and funding to support the individual needs of the communities in which we work both locally and globally.

Frontier Co-op Giving Fund

The Frontier Co-op Giving Fund was created in 2000 to support our co-op’s social, educational, and environmentally driven giving. It is funded primarily by our member-owners’ patronage contributions in support of this purpose-driven work.


The Simply Organic Giving Fund is dedicated to helping address food insecurity by providing access to healthy, organic food options to communities in need.


Everywhere in the world, women of courage and determination are trying to better their lives in the face of seemingly overwhelming difficulties. We're inspired by these women and have created the Aura Cacia Positive Change Project to help support them. Each time you purchase an Aura Cacia product, you support our Positive Change Project and the many resilient women it benefits.


Frontier Co-op provides paid time off for employees to volunteer with local non-profit organizations, and matches any contributions to non-profits made by their employees up to $1,000 per employee per year. Frontier Co-op’s Community Giving Team manages any employee requests for support for other non-profits in the community.

Well Earth

As a company with sourcing partners around the world, we recognize our corporate social responsibility extends not only to the people and the environment around us here at home, but to our sourcing communities around the world. These individuals and our relationships with them are vital to the overall success of our company, and we are committed to providing the assistance and stability our partners need to sustain their livelihoods and their communities. We do this through our Well Earth program which provides two veins of support: Business Building including support for training, infrastructure, and succession planning, and Community Building which addresses more community-specific social needs including access to clean drinking water, and medical or educational projects.

Breaking Down Barriers To Employment

Launched in 2017, our Breaking Down Barriers to Employment initiative strives to help employees and community members overcome systemic barriers to employment and economic mobility by providing access to childcare, transportation, second chance hiring practices and an apprenticeship program, all subsidized by the company and in partnership with local non-profit organizations.