Guatemala Dental Clinic


With the help of about $50,000 in donations from Frontier, our Well Earth co-op supplier Fedecovera expanded their dental services into a new clinic with new equipment and an additional dentist. The clinic in Coban, Guatemala, services 25,000 people (growers and their families) who are part of 41 independent farmer co-ops organized under the larger Fedecovera co-op.


The farmers who grow our cardamom and allspice are mostly indigenous Mayan (Q’eqchi’) people who don’t have easy access to medical and dental facilities. Using sustainable farming methods handed down for generations, they grow many crops, including coffee, tea, cloves and bananas, often in harmony on the same land at the same time.


Our dental clinic support, along with fair pricing and all the other priorities that our Well Earth program focuses on, not only “gives back” to these hardworking farmers, but also serves to maintain the high quality of our products. Like us, they value fairness and integrity — this is reflected in the botanicals they grow for us.


“We have many clients around the world,” Fedecovera Business Manager Samy Lopez told us. “Frontier isn’t our biggest, but is definitely our favorite.”

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