Frontier Co-op is improving the sustainability of our packaging as part of our commitment to put people and planet first.

We’re excited to announce that we now offer many of our one-pound bulk products in new packaging that can be easily recycled in stores!


Easy Recycling

The new packaging is easy to recycle and helps you cut down on plastic waste. You can drop the packaging off at any location that recycles plastic bags — no matter where the item was originally purchased.


Moving in the Right Direction

While we aren't able to replace all our bulk packaging yet due to manufacturing constraints, we're proud to be moving in the right direction and will continue to evolve the way we package our products in the future.


Available Soon

Frontier Co-op will roll out the new packaging in select bulk products beginning February 2023. These will become available for purchase later in the year on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place the new packaging in my recycling bin at home?

A: Currently, no. But you can drop off the packaging anywhere that recycles plastic bags, wraps and films, regardless of where the item was purchased. Many Target, Walmart, Lidl and Wegmans locations offer this free service. Use our locator tool to find a drop-off location near you.

What does the new packaging look like?

A: The new packaging is easy to identify. It is a black film with a gray repeating Frontier Co-op logo and a How2Recycle seal. The old film is either gray or silver and does not feature a logo.

While some black plastic products are not recyclable, our packaging begins life as a clear plastic that is printed with black ink, making it suitable for recycling.



Do I need to remove the label before recycling?

A: No, the label is recyclable as well!

What does "Recycle if Clean & Dry" Mean? 

A: This means the packaging must be free of food residue, crumbs or liquid when you drop it off at the store. If you need to rinse the bag, allow it to dry completely before taking it to the store for recycling.