Here at Frontier, we have a long tradition of supporting sustainable organic agriculture, environmental responsibility, fair business practices, and community programs. We have been committed to these values from our earliest days. We were one of the first natural products suppliers to champion the value of organic products and have always promoted organic agriculture both internationally and domestically. And, as a result of our close relationships with growers around the world, we have developed numerous company programs supporting the growers and their communities -- including our current ethical-sourcing program, Well Earth, that provides incentives and monitoring for growers willing to maintain sustainable and organic operations and respect their workers, communities and the environment.

Fair Trade is a natural partner in this ongoing commitment to responsible business practices. As we have grown over the years, our capacity to effect change has grown as well, and we're more active now than ever before in these areas, literally traveling the world to find and develop sources committed to improving the lives of workers and their communities.