Introducing Fair Trade Certified Organic Spices

Frontier is proud to have introduced the first Fair Trade Certified™ organic spices in the United States. Frontier began pioneering something that is now called sustainability when it introduced the first certified organic herbs and spices to the market. Like a tiny seed, this idea of ours started out small — but through the devotion and continued dedication and commitment of people at Frontier, we've grown our sustainability model into an industry leading standard. Today, our organic, Fair Trade Certified™ spices are the latest extension of our commitment to ethical business and social values.

Sixteen spices — all certified organic — are available - all from Sri Lanka.The new cinnamons, both Ceylon cinnamon, are in powder and sticks. Additionally, we are happy to offer whole and powdered cloves, ginger root powder, mace powder, whole mace, ground nutmeg, medium, coarse, and fine grind black pepper, white ground pepper, whole black peppercorns, whole white peppercorns, and turmeric root powder.

We've traveled to Sri Lanka to visit the farmers and assess the benefits their Fair Trade premiums bring to their organizations and communities. We treasure our connections to these farmers and their families and are pleased to see firsthand how Fair Trade has improved their lives.