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Cool Drinks For Hot Days

The swimming pools are full, the sun is blazing and the mercury is rising fast. You know you need plenty of fluids during this kind of weather, but water can get a bit ho-hum -- and you want to avoid the artificial colors and additives of many commercial drinks.

Make hydrating fun with great-tasting beverages like iced tea, lemonade and other natural summertime drinks! (If you're taking your drinks on a summer outing, you might want to check out our features on picnics and grilling, too.)

Tea for Everyone

Although certain aspects of the history of iced tea may be in dispute, there is no doubt about the beverage's popularity. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, with Americans consuming over 2.25 billion gallons of it in 2005 -- and about 85% of that 2.25 billion gallons was iced tea.

Iced tea is not only refreshing, this classic summer drink is a healthy choice. Virtually calorie-free, it has no sodium, fat or sugar.

Frontier offers many certified organic and Fair Trade teas, so you can contribute to a healthier environment and the fair treatment of tea workers while you enjoy this healthy refreshment. (And our extensive line of tea accessories can enhance your tea experience whatever the temperature of your brew.)

Frontier's high-quality loose teas provide the most flavorful teas whether you drink them hot or iced. Black teas are generally considered more suited for iced tea because they have a stronger, more robust flavor that can withstand the watering down that occurs with an iced beverage. If you are a green tea fan, you may want to double the measurement of leaf to get hearty flavor in the finished iced tea. (All recommended amounts should be adjusted for individual tastes, of course.) Here are some teas that make especially good iced tea, including a decaffeinated option ideal for late-evening refreshment.

sencha green teaBlack
Frontier Nilgiri Iced Tea
Ceylon Decaf

Almond Blossom

Gunpowder Green

Easy Iced Tea

Bring 1-1/2 quarts of water just short of a boil and add 4-6 teaspoons of loose tea to make basic iced tea. (You can corral the tea in a reusable tea bag or diffuser or simply strain it out after steeping.) Let the tea steep for about five minutes, then remove the tea leaves.

TIP: To keep tea clear, let it cool to room temperature before refrigerating. Add some hot water to clear up tea that is already cloudy. Since hard water can also be the cause of cloudy tea, you might want to use bottled water instead.

Sun Tea

Use the same tea-to-water ratio to make sun tea. Pour the cold water over the tea into a glass container. Put the container in the sun, or let it sit on the kitchen counter at room temperature for two to three hours, adjusting the time to suit taste and making sure the container stays in the sunlight. Even office workers can make sun tea in the morning for lunchtime or afternoon sipping, if they can find a sun-friendly corner of the workspace or a sunny window ledge.

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