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Dairy foods include milk, hard cheese (such as cheddar or Swiss), soft cheese (such as ricotta or cottage cheese), cream cheese, yogurt, and dairy-based desserts, such as pudding, frozen yogurt, and ice cream. For better health, choose fat-free or low-fat varieties. While kids (or others in your family!) may love chocolate milk or some of the new strawberry or other flavored milks, you should try to avoid these or serve them only as an occasional treat, as they are usually high in sugar.

While we always recommend organic over commercially grown foods, choosing organic dairy products is especially beneficial. Commercial dairy operations routinely use antibiotics and growth hormones in their production. These substances can be passed through to the milk, and, ultimately, the butter, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products that are manufactured from the milk source--as well as the consumer who eats them. Organic dairy products are a considerably healthier option, because organic regulations do not allow use of these substances, and any cow that requires antibiotics for treatment of disease or illness must be removed from the organic dairy herd.


Sources of protein include meat, poultry, fish or shellfish, eggs, dried beans or peas, nuts and seeds, nut and seed butters, and soy products including tofu, tempeh, or TVP (texturized vegetable protein). Cheese is another source of protein, although officially it's classified in the dairy category.

When selecting meat or poultry, choose lean or low-fat cuts and trim off visible fat before cooking. The fat found on meats is saturated fat, which can increase cholesterol and, in turn, increase the risk for heart disease. The body requires a small amount of fat to maintain good health, but the majority should not come from saturated fats. Instead, select proteins that provide monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, the types of fats found in nuts, seeds, and fish.

Frontier and Simply Organic herbs and spices that add a particularly delicious flair to proteins include:

Beans - cumin, cayenne, chili, onion, parsley, pepper, sage, savory, and thyme

Beef or pork - basil, bay, chili pepper, cilantro, cumin, garlic, marjoram, mustard, oregano, parsley, pepper, rosemary, sage, savory, tarragon, and thyme

Cheese - basil, caraway, celery seed, chervil, chili peppers, chives, coriander, cumin, dill, garlic, horseradish, lemon peel, marjoram, mint, mustard, nutmeg, paprika, parsley, pepper, sage, tarragon, and thyme

Chicken, turkey, or other poultry - allspice, basil, bay, cinnamon, curry, dill, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, paprika, saffron, sage, savory, and tarragon


Eggs - basil, chervil, chili peppers, chives, curry, dill, fennel, ginger, lemon peel, marjoram, oregano, paprika, parsley, pepper, sage, tarragon, and thyme

Fish - basil, bay, chives, curry, dill, fennel, garlic, ginger, mustard, oregano, parsley, savory, and tarragon

Lamb - basil, bay, cinnamon, coriander, cumin curry, dill, garlic, mint, parsley, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme

Soyfoods - Any herbs or spices you would typically add to meats can be used with tofu or other soyfoods.

Also, Frontier and Simply Organic offer a wide variety of seasoning blends that are great with the foods listed above, including Simply Organic Steak, Spicy Steak and Chicken Seasonings.

Our recipe database offers many recipes for meats and other proteins, such as Red Pepper Curry Meatballs, Pecan Crusted Tofu Tenders and Garlic Chicken Bake.

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