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Hot Drinks for the Holidays!

Try these hot beverages for the winter holidays.

Hot drinks can warm us up and lift our spirits throughout the winter months -- and they're essential once the holiday season gets underway. Mugs of steaming mulled cranberry juice or hot spiced chocolate are perfect for greeting Thanksgiving or Christmas guests; Wassail makes a delightful winter dinner party centerpiece; warm, flavored milk helps excited toddlers snuggle in for the night; and what better way to end a hectic day than with spicy hot tea for you and your partner in front of a cozy fire? There are plenty of opportunities for enhancing the holidays with hot drinks!

Given their impact, warm beverages are extraordinarily easy to prepare. And if you take a moment to add a few spices, you'll create drinks that are especially festive and delicious. Here are some recipes to get you started, though you'll likely be concocting your own signature hot holiday beverages in no time.

Glugg is a mulled Swedish beverage. Use any red wine you prefer for this recipe. Serve with a spoon so your guests can retrieve every last raisin and almond.

The traditional English Christmas drink, wassail is a hearty hot beverage, good for brisk winter weather. Add beer and/or sherry for a more spirited drink.

Visions of Sugarplums Toddy
This deliciously rich toddy adds festive delight to any gathering.

Chill-Chaser Chai Tea
Depending on how sweet you make it, Chai tea can serve as a spicy, flavorful, warming dessert. Vary the spice amounts, too, to taste.

Also try Frontier Chai and Green Chai Tea


Mulled Cranberry Juice
This recipe is a good candidate for the crockpot. Instead of straining the drink, you can place the spices in cheesecloth or a muslin bag for easy removal.

Divinity Drink
Vary the taste and scent of this heavenly white hot chocolate by substituting almond extract for the vanilla now and then.

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