Masontops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit Wide Mouth

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The Complete Fermentation Kit has everything needed—even the recipes—to start fermenting probiotic-rich vegetables in Mason jars. A tool is included for every step of the process, from pounding the vegetables, weighting them below the brine, and automatically venting the gas. Fermented foods are a good and natural way to improve your gut health.

• 1x Pickle Packer - Vegetable tamper made of acacia wood that fits both wide and regular mouth Mason jars.

• 4x Pickle Pebbles - Glass weights with finger grip handles to easily lift in and out of the jar

• 4x Pickle Pipes - Silicone airlocks for Mason jars with a one-way valve that automatically vents fermentation gas as it builds up. These must be secured with a screw band, which is not included but comes with any canning jar.

• BONUS Recipe Book—Step-by-step instructions on how to start fermenting with 7 great recipes to get started!


Pickle Packer - Please wash by hand with soap and water; don't let stand in water. Occasionally oil with food-grade oils or conditioner (mineral oil, soy-based oils, or beeswax). Thoroughly dry before storing.

Pickle Pebbles - Please wash by hand with soap and water or in the top-rack of the dishwasher. Store safety away from other objects that may crack or chip the glass. Not intended for boiling or extreme heat.

Pickle Pipes - Please wash in the dishwasher between uses and store flat.
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Content Description Includes 4 Pickle Pipe Silicone Airlocks, 4 Pickle Pebbles Clear Glass Weights and 1 Pickle Packer Acacia Wood Vegetable Tamper. Works with any wide mouth mason jar. (Jars and Screw Bands not included.)