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Mrs. Anderson's Perforated Non Stick Crisping Pan 13 x 18

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Mrs. Anderson's Non-Stick Crisping Pan bakes crispier foods a without using oils - for healthier cooking - or foods sticking, for easier cleanup. Its perforated surface allows hot air to circulate evenly so foods bake to a crispy golden brown. 

Works in gas, electric, and convection ovens; reinforced rim keeps pan from warping and provides a secure grip for easier transport. Ideal for bread, rolls, biscuits, pastry, French fries, pizza, tater tots, and more; safe from freezer to oven (to 572-degrees Fahrenheit); hand wash.

Cautions: Do not use knives, scrapers, brushes or cutters. Do not cut on the Crisping Pan or place in automatic dishwashers, as this may cause damage. Never use on direct heat, stovetops, hot plates, or on the bottom of an oven, on a grill or with a broiler.

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