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Gourmet Peppers of the World

Exotic Peppercorn Blend Exotic Peppercorn Blend

This unique blend of our gourmet cubeb, grains of paradise, and black and pink peppercorns adds an enchanting twist to any dish that needs an extra kick. Coarsely grind onto sauces, meats, stews, and vegetables for one-of-a-kind flavor.

Grains of Paradise Seed Grains of Paradise Seed - Aframomum melegueta

Imagine one little seed that tastes like a combination of a mild black pepper, ginger, cardamom and coriander. Warm, spicy, a tad bitter, Grains of Paradise have a full, delicious taste and a lovely, citrus aroma.

Peppercorns, Black Peppercorns, Black - Piper nigrum

One of the world's most popular spices, black peppercorns are actually unripe green fruits (berries) that have been sun-dried after fermenting. Black, white and green peppers all come from the woody tropical plant Piper nigrum.

Peppercorns, Green Peppercorns, Green - Piper nigrum

Picked long before maturity, our gourmet organic green peppercorns are much less pungent than black peppercorns and have a pleasantly fresh, herbaceous flavor.

Peppercorns, Long Peppercorns, Long - Piper longum

Once one of the most popular spices in the world, long pepper was used in Europe even before black pepper became widely available. Grown in Indonesia, our organic long pepper is more pungent than black pepper and has a unique fiery flavor with hints of sweetness. Long pepper’s extra hot flavor makes it great for spicy dishes. Many Ethiopian dishes and some Berbere blends use long pepper.

Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns, Pink - Schinus terebinthifolius

Pink peppercorns are used for their sweet, fruity, mildly peppery taste and lovely color and aroma. Unrelated to the black pepper plant, pink peppercorns are actually the dried fruit of a Brazilian tree.

Peppercorns, White Peppercorns, White - Piper nigrum

White peppercorns are fully-ripened berries that are sun-dried after their red outer skin is removed. Gourmet cooks often use white pepper to flavor white sauces and other light-colored dishes because of its color and more delicate flavor.

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