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Alder Smoked Salt Alder Smoked Salt

Alder Smoked Salt gets its authentic flavor from being slowly smoked over true alderwood -- the traditional smoking wood of the Northwest -- not from artificial flavorings or oils. This all-natural smoking process adds a sweet, true smokehouse flavor. Alder smoked salt pairs well with any grilled foods, especially salmon, asparagus, pork, ribs and burgers.

Fleur de Sel Fleur de Sel

Long considered the caviar of salts, Fleur de Sel (flower of salt) is comprised of slightly moist crystals that look like tiny snowflakes. This rare salt is hand-harvested from pristine salt marshes in Brittany, France, and tastes of the sea. Fleur de Sel has a floral aroma and briny, complex minerality. Pair it with delicate shellfish of any kind. It is the perfect salt for a mixed-from-scratch vinaigrette dressing on tender, fresh greens.

Grey Sea Salt Grey Sea Salt

Our Grey Sea Salt is an all-natural sea salt, unrefined and unprocessed, sourced from clean coastal waters along the Guérande Region of Brittany, France. This robust, briny and mineral-rich sea salt is harvested by traditional Celtic methods using a paludier, a craftsman salt harvester. This is a lovely, aromatic salt to flavor water for boiling pasta, or to adorn grilled shellfish, bivalves and fish.

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Beautiful Hawaiian Black Sea Salt has a faceted texture that resembles little black diamonds. Pacific sea salt crystals are dusted with the purifying power of activated coconut shell charcoal to achieve its characteristic black shade and charred, smoky flavor. This coarse salt has large crystals which provide visual appeal and a pleasant crunch. Grind it on grilled pineapple slices, or add its charred flavor to traditional grilled fare such as steaks, burgers and chicken.

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt Hawaiian Red Sea Salt

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in the trace minerals found in clean, natural sea water. A small amount of harvested reddish Hawaiian clay (‘Alaea) enriches the salt with the tang of natural iron oxide mineral. Traditionally, Hawaiians used this salt in ceremonies to cleanse, purify and bless tools and canoes, as well as in healing rituals for medicinal purposes. Try it on roasted pork, homemade jerky, smoked fish and grilled vegetables.

Himalayan Pink Salt Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is pure, hand-mined salt found deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains. The high mineral content of Himalayan salt crystals contributes to their color, ranging from deep reds to beautiful pinks. The fine grind Himalayan is sized perfectly for direct use in cooking. Try adorning tender white meats such as lean pork, chicken or turkey with the mineral rich flavor of this gorgeous salt.

Kala Namak Sea Salt Kala Namak Sea Salt

Kala Namak salt is also called “Indian Black Salt” or “Sanchal”. It is mined in Central India and contains sulfur minerals, which give it a potent aroma and flavor that resembles the pungent Indian spice asafetida. The large, reddish-black crystals are ground down to a fine grayish, rosy-pink powder. Use a bit of this salt to add earthy, aromatic pungency to lentils, curries and Indian dal.

Kosher Salt Kosher Salt

Sprinkle a pinch of Kosher Flaked Sea Salt to perfectly finish a dish. Many recipes and chefs call specifically for kosher salt due to the unique shape of its flat crystals and the more rounded, less harshly alkaline flavor it has over ordinary table salt. The increased surface area of these kosher flakes help the salt adhere beautifully to foods such as pretzels, breads and salted caramels. Unlike some brands of kosher salt, ours is actually made from real ocean water.

Yakima™ Applewood Smoked Sea Salt Yakima™ Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Yakima™ Applewood Smoked Salt is a flaky sea salt that is naturally smoked over true Eastern Washington Applewood at low temperatures. Aged applewood is one of the most popular fruit woods used in smoking foods because it yields a dense, fruity-sweet flavor, unlike most other woods. Season barbecued meats, marinades, brines and chutneys with this richly-flavored salt.
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