Frontier Co-op Frontier Co-op Black Bean Flakes, Organic 1 lb.

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Frontier Co-op Organic Black Bean Flakes are a rich and flavorful ingredient used in many dishes. The black bean is part of the Phaseolus vulgaris species. Black Bean Flakes provide a convenient source of fiber from dehydrated black beans. Our black bean flakes have a subtle yet sweet and earthy tone. Their soft texture can be rehydrated if you want to use them as a base or thickener.

Our black bean flakes add a punch to any bland menu. Whether utilized as granules, flakes, or sprinkles, black bean flakes don’t disappoint, and give any dish a new twist. Add some to your favorite dishes such as soups, dips, salads, and burritos. When used with water, milk, or cream, black bean flakes act as a thickener.

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  • Origin: United States of America

Organic Black Beans, Salt.