Frontier Co-op Frontier Co-op Organic Marshmallow Root 3.81 oz.

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  • Non-Irradiated
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
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Frontier Co-op Marshmallow Root (Althea officinalis) is a high-quality ingredient processed from the root of the marshmallow plant. Althea, the botanical name, literally means healer in Greek.  Marshmallow is an herbaceous perennial often found growing wildly in damp areas. Marshmallow root is popular in household wellness recipes because of its sweet taste and starchy aroma.

While cultivation began in medieval times in monasteries and kitchen gardens, today this plant is grown commercially throughout Europe. Considered threatened in parts of Europe with restrictions on the wildcrafted plant, our Marshmallow Root is organically grown and harvested in Bulgaria. There are no artificial additives or chemicals used at any step of the growing process. 

Marshmallow root is gluten-free and a great addition to your pantry. It is a key ingredient in many syrups, teas, ointments, and lozenges due to its sweetness and fragrance. Besides serving as a distinctly flavored ingredient in beverages, it’s also used in skincare products.

Try the premium quality Frontier Co-op herbs and culinary seasonings in convenient, re-closable packaging. Our stand-up bags are made to keep our products as fresh on the last day as they are on the first. Just scoop and reseal to lock in the freshness. These bags are resealable, sturdy, and great for easy storage and easy access. For best results, store in a cool, dry place.

More Info
  • Botanical name: Althaea officinalis L.
Product Warning

Should be taken with at least 250mL (8 oz.) of liquid. Other drugs should be taken 1 hour prior to consumption.




Frontier Co-op Organic Marshmallow Root is harvested in Bulgaria. Our marshmallow root is certified organic, kosher, and non-irradiated.