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New Fair Trade™ Teas Extend Frontier Natural Products Co-op™ Tradition
Organics, Social Responsibility Longtime Pursuits of Co-op

Norway, Iowa (April 5, 2006) — Frontier Natural Products Co-op, a leading U.S. manufacturer and marketer of natural and organic products, is following tradition as it continues to add to its line of Fair Trade™ teas and introduces a new hands-free tea display. Sales of the organic, socially responsible teas are growing at over 80% for the Co-op.

Frontier currently carries 15 Fair Trade teas and plans to add more in the next few months. The introduction of the display is a direct result of the teas booming sales. But while the growing emphasis on organic products and social responsibility may be a hot new trend in the marketplace, Bulk Tea Manager Bill Thomasson points out that it's nothing new at Frontier.

"Frontier has been committed to organics and fair business practices from its earliest days," says Thomasson. "We were one of the first natural products suppliers to champion the value of organic products and promote organic agriculture around the world. And close relationships with our growers over the years led naturally to numerous programs supporting the growers and their communities."

Frontier, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this week, has implemented its own program for developing socially responsible suppliers to augment its participation in Fair Trade. Frontier's vice president of social responsibility, Kathy Larson, explains that the Co-op's Well Earth program provides incentives and monitoring for growers willing to maintain sustainable and organic operations and respect their workers, communities and the environment.

"Both Fair Trade and Well Earth are extensions of the efforts we have always made in our international travels to find and develop new high-quality, responsible organic suppliers for every product," says Larson. "Now, with Well Earth, we have our own specific program of evaluation and incentives to aid us. As our business has grown over the years," adds Larson, a 25-year Frontier employee, "our capacity to effect change has grown as well, and we're more active now than ever before in supporting sustainable organic agriculture, environmental responsibility, fair trade practices, and community programs as well as charitable causes such as disaster relief."

Thomasson notes that Fair Trade teas are a perfect match for Frontier in many respects. "We've been the leading supplier of bulk botanical products, including teas, for three decades," he says, "with the largest selection of organics. Bulk loose-leaf teas are a perfect fit for our product line as well as our values."

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