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From Himalayan Peaks To The South Seas, Everyday Salt Is Going Gourmet
Frontier Natural Products Co-op™ Introduces Five New Gourmet Salt Grinders

Norway, Iowa (September 6, 2011) — It used to be that when it came to cooking salt, there were generally two choices – iodized and non-iodized. Today, home cooks are taking a cue from professional chefs as they search for more flavorful salt options. To meet that need, Frontier Natural Products Co-op, the market leader in organic spices and seasonings in the natural foods industry, is launching new Gourmet Salt Grinders.

The entirely new line of natural gourmet salts come from a variety of coastal and mountainous areas, resulting in distinctive flavors nuanced with traces of minerals and elements unique to those regions. “We’ve selected five of the most flavorful and colorful salts available today, and packaged them in elegant adjustable grinder bottles,” notes Brett Karminski, Senior Brand Manager for Frontier Natural Products Co-op. “These five new gourmet salts offer consumers access to the most distinctive salts already being used by chefs and gourmands across the U.S.,” he adds.

Frontier’s new Gourmet Salt Grinders include:

Hawaiian Black Salt – earthy and smoky notes highlight Frontier’s black salt from Hawaii, which pairs well with salads, steamed vegetables, fish, and eggs.
Hawaiian Red Salt – earthy and slightly sweet flavors are found in Frontier’s red salt from Hawaii, pairing well with grilled or roasted meats and pasta casseroles.
Himalayan Pink Salt – prized for its purity and nuanced with trace elements from the Himalayan peaks, pink salt adds beautiful color and fuller flavor to any entrée.
New Zealand Sea Salt – harvested from the clear waters of the southern Pacific Ocean, the flavor found in our New Zealand sea salt pairs especially well with pretzels, baked potatoes, and grilled vegetables.
Alder Smoked Salt – robust and smoky flavors from alder wood highlight this sea salt, also from New Zealand, which pairs well with any grilled food, especially asparagus, pork, ribs, and burgers.

Frontier’s Gourmet Salts are packaged in recyclable glass bottles with an adjustable grinder cap, which keeps the salts fresh and allows users to select the grind they prefer. Pulling the cap up provides a coarser grind, while pushing the cap down creates a finer grind. The suggested retail price for each gourmet salt grinder ranges from $6.49 to $6.79. Frontier’s Gourmet Salt Grinders can be found in natural/organic retailers across the U.S. or online at

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