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New consumer-friendly packaging for bottled spices from Frontier Natural Products Co-op

Norway, Iowa (September 9, 2008) — If you’re looking for your favorite bottled seasonings from Frontier Natural Products Co-op™, you may have to look again to find them on the grocery shelf. The company has redesigned the packaging to make the herbs and spices in each bottle easier to identify and added a convenient flip-top cap.

“Consumers want to see the quality of the spices they are purchasing,” says Brett Karminski, Frontier's seasonings brand manager, “so we reduced the overall size and coverage of our label to make more spice visible in each bottle. The result is a more visually appealing package that requires less material to produce. In addition, the convenient flip-top cap allows single-handed dispensing with a built-in sifter.”

Featuring its tagline, “Taste That Makes a Difference®,” the new packages also emphasize Frontier’s efforts toward pairing great-tasting seasonings with programs of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. The back panels of each new label include information about the difference Frontier makes through its sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth®. The labels also provide more information about the individual herb or spice and ideas for how to use it.

Karminski says the new label design presents an opportunity to educate consumers on the co-op’s three decades of expertise in providing the highest quality herbs and spices from organic and sustainable sources around the world. “Considering the tremendous growth of the Frontier brand during the last decade, many new customers may not be familiar with our story. The new packaging is the perfect opportunity to share it, while letting them experience the ‘Taste that makes a difference.’ ”

Responding to current trends, Frontier is also introducing several new spices, including Ground Chipotle and Black Sesame Seed. Frontier bottled seasonings are available in Whole Foods Market stores and other natural food stores nationwide, as well as the health food sections of many supermarkets.

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