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New products expand bulk offerings for budget-conscious consumers

Norway, Iowa (November 19, 2008) — Frontier Natural Products Co-op is pleased to expand its bulk product line by bringing four new bulk spices and baking ingredients to consumers. The four products reflect trends in health and cooking, while offering consumers an even broader array of flavor enhancement. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the savings realized when they buy everyday products in bulk. Additionally, as people cook more at home, they’re experimenting with new cuisines, and will welcome the new offerings: Smoked Peppercorn Blend, Ceylon Cinnamon powder, Demerara sugar, and Berbere Seasoning Blend. All four products are certified organic.

Originally available in a grinder-top bottle, Smoked Peppercorn Blend now delivers its same unique flavor in bulk. The mixture of smoked black peppercorns with white and green peppercorns livens up any dish, especially vegetarian fare. This all-purpose blend can be used in place of black pepper, adding color to meat, vegetables, grains, and beans.

Ceylon Cinnamon powder is less well-known and less widely available than traditional cassia cinnamon. Ceylon, or ‘true cinnamon’ has a lighter, more buff color and a sweeter, more delicate flavor than cassia. Its finer, less dense, more crumbly texture makes it especially suited for baking. Frontier is offering this powder in bulk, as an answer to customer demand—just as the holiday season heats up in the kitchen.

Demerarais a raw cane sugar. This sugar has a molasses content of approximately 2 percent giving it a full flavor and delicious aroma. This natural, unrefined brown sugar offers rich taste with caramel flavor notes, great for recipes containing ginger or dried fruit. It also works as a crunchy topping on cakes, cookies, and desserts — or in a warm cup of coffee or tea. Demerara arrives in bulk just in time for holiday baking needs.

Frontier combines 12 different spices, including sea salt, cayenne, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, paprika, and turmeric to produce its Berbere Seasoning Blend. This pungent, spicy organic blend has its origins in Ethiopia. It has a coarse, earthy texture and adds a zesty, hot flavor to meats when used as a rub for grilling, barbecuing, or pan-frying.

In light of current economic conditions, consumers look to make more frugal grocery purchases, and buying spices in the bulk section helps them save money on a cost per ounce basis. For example, the suggested retail price per ounce for the Smoked Peppercorn Blend is $1.17; Ceylon Cinnamon powder is $2.81; Demerara sugar is $0.29; and Berbere Seasoning Blend is $0.86. These price levels are less than half of the cost of bottled spices, when measured ounce for ounce.

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