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BOULDER, COLORADO AND NORWAY, IOWA, MARCH 2001 – In March 2000, Frontier Natural Products Co-op helped bring electricity to the 1,000 people of Tamborapa Pueblo in the Tabaconas Valley, a remote coffee-growing region in northern Peru. Frontier, the largest organic coffee roaster in America and a leader in organic coffee-growing research, spearheaded the five-year Tamborapa Pueblo Hydroelectric Project, contributing more than $50,000 from the sales of Frontier Organic Coffee. Once the "lights were on," the children of the village asked for a computer for their school. This February, Frontier fulfilled this wish by hand-delivering two laptop computers. The computers were the first ones for any school in the Tabaconas Valley. The people of Tamborapa were very appreciative of Frontier's donation since computers are rarely seen at all in these villages, much less in rural schools.

The IBM laptops were configured with the Spanish version of Windows 98, a color printer, basic accessories, and various Spanish versions of educational and productivity software. The Peruvian teachers plan to use the computers both in the classroom and for student record keeping. The students want to learn how to run a computer and will also use it as a general educational tool-to help them learn reading, writing, and mathematics. Some students want to expand their horizons by learning about other countries and Communicationsating via the internet with people in other parts of Peru or in other countries. Bringing the internet to the Tabaconas Valley is a difficult task because the region does not have a very developed telecommunications infrastructure. In fact, there is only one phone line in the village. But Frontier is already working to find a way to provide the people of Tamborapa with this technology as well.


The Tamborapa Pueblo Hydroelectric Project, completed in 2000, provides 40 kilowatts of electricity and benefits 140 families directly and 480 families indirectly. To date, 82 streetlights have been installed and 85 homes have already signed up for electricity. Frontier provided more than $50,000 to the project, generated through a donation of 25 cents for each pound sold from a line of eight Frontier Organic Coffees. Total funding for the project was nearly $150,000. The electricity has revolutionized life in the village. The electricity allows children to do their homework at night in their homes, people can use refrigerators and freezers to conserve food better, businesses have been able to extend their hours, and entrepreneurs have created new businesses. In addition, televisions allow the citizens to see what is happening in the rest of Peru, while streetlights have decreased theft of animals and have reduced the need for citizens to use battery-powered flashlights at night.

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