Tandoori Chicken

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  • Total Time: 0 hrs 15 mins
  • Hands-on Time: 0 hrs 15 mins
  • Makes: 4 servings

Seasoned with Frontier's perfectly-crafted Tandoori Masala Seasoning, this chicken gets an ethnic flair packed full of spicy-sweet flavor. Marinating in a tangy tandoori marinade, each chicken breast is baked or broiled to perfection, making it a perfect addition to pasta, salad or grilled vegetables.



    1. Mix yogurt, vinegar, lime juice and Tandoori Masala Seasoning together to create a marinade. Place chicken in a glass baking dish, and pour marinade over chicken. Marinate in refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

    2. Bake or broil chicken, basting with marinade often, until cooked thoroughly.

    3. For a more authentic flavor, pan roast the spices for about a minute on medium heat before adding to the marinade. Substitute any other cut of chicken for boneless, skinless breast meat.


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